Single Apartment Lottery: Second Year

This year's rising second-year students will be able to choose single apartments (for one person in Triangle Towers 1 & 2) and they will be distributed during the single apartment lottery on Thursday, March 30th (beginning at 2 p.m.). Our database will generate random numbers to determine the order of selection.

In order to participate in the single apartment lottery process, you must complete your individual housing application through MyHousing by Monday, March 20, 2023.

To participate in the single apartment lottery, you will need to submit a group of 1 online through the online room selection system by Wednesday, March 29, 2023, at noon. After the group submission deadline, you will be able to view the date and time to go online to select your apartment. You will also receive an email that will explain the room lottery process as well as information regarding: 

  • how many individuals applied for the single-apartment lottery
  • how many apartments are available for the single-apartment lottery

If all single apartments are selected before your assigned lottery time, you will be able to participate in the other lotteries for different size suites/apartments. 

Below is the anticipated number of single apartments in each complex available for that particular lottery process. The accurate numbers will be posted closer to the Housing Lottery. (updated March 29, 2023)

Building Number of Spaces
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall 0
Triangle Apartments - studios 68
Triangle Apartments - JR 1 BR 6


To Participate in the Single Apartment Lottery:

  1. Complete a Second-Year housing application in MyHousing by Monday, March 20, 2023.  Housing applications can be found in MyHousing.  Any application completed after this date will not be able to participate in room selection.
  2. Create a group on the 'Room Selection' page.  You will be the only person in this group, as it is for the single apartment lottery.
  3. Submit your group online by Wednesday, March 29 at noon.  You will be able to submit your group beginning 48 hours before the submission deadline.
  4. On your assigned date and time, choose your apartment through the online room selection system.