Summer 2022 Meal Plan

The university is offering an optional summer meal plan.  You can sign up for this as part of the summer housing application.  Please see below for meal plan options; times and locations for summer dining options can be found here.  If you wish to sign up for any of these summer meal plan without applying for housing, please reach out to Dining Services directly at

Summer Meal Plan Start Date End Date CaseCash Swipes Cost
5 Apartment +$150 CaseCash 5/22/22 8/7/22 $150 5* $900
7 Apartment +$150 CaseCash 5/22/22 8/7/22 $150 7* $1200

*All swipes are portable

If you are living in Spring Transition Housing or Fall Transition Housing, you will be able to also add a meal plan for that transition period.  Please see below for transition housing meal plan options.

Transition Meal Plan Start Date End Date Case Cash 5 Apartment Meal Plan Cost 7 Apartment Meal Plan Cost
Spring Transition Meal Plan 5/6/22 5/21/22 $50 $250 $325
Fall Transition Meal Plan 8/8/22 8/27/22 $50 $250 $325