Fall 2020 Move-Out Information

As many of you prepare to depart campus for the fall semester, we wanted to share detailed information on the various policies and procedures for those returning to housing for the spring semester, not returning to housing for the spring semester, and for those requesting to stay on campus over the break.

Required Preventative Measures

Anyone experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms should not come to campus.

While on campus and moving out of any residence hall, students and those accompanying them must comply with the the following:

  • Wearing a mask or other face covering at all times
  • Frequently washing hands and/or using hand sanitizers provided.
  • Maintaining 6 feet of separation in any line queue at entrances, and in stairwells.
  • Limiting elevator occupancy to two people.
  • Having only one person accompanying each student into the residence halls (additional people may travel with them).

Closing Dates and Times

The residence halls and Greek houses close on Monday, November 23rd at noon, and will remain closed through the rest of the semester.

Request for December Checkout

Exceptions will be made if you need to extend your stay on campus through the end of the fall semester for academic reasons only. Please complete the Request for December Checkout Form to request to stay until Thursday, December 17th at 3 P.M.  This form must be filled out by November 9th.

Dining Operations

Residential dining for the fall semester ends when students depart on November 23rd. Students who are approved to stay on campus for the remainder of the fall semester will continue to utilize their fall meal plan.

Spring 2021 Room Change Requests

As the university is looking to bring additional students to live on campus in the Spring, students living in suites or apartments may get new roommates.

Students interested in changing rooms for the spring semester will need to submit a room change request form on Campus Groups and meet with their RCD no later than 5:00 P.M on Monday, November 9th at 5:00 P.M.

  • Room Swap--you and another student switch rooms.
  • Move to a new room by Monday, November 23rd at noon (if the new room is open and available).
  • Wait until spring room changes begin the second week of classes in the Spring 2021 semester.


If you are planning to return to campus housing in the spring, you can simply leave your bike in bike storage.

If you are not returning to campus housing in the spring, please take your bike with you.

Parking During Move Out

The following parking lots will be open beginning November 16th through November 23rd at noon.

  • Lot 5- Murray Hill Residence Halls and Greek Houses
  • Lot 57- Carlton Road Residence Halls and Greek Houses
  • Lot 46- Parking garage by The Village at 115

Mail Service

Mail will not be forwarded during the semester recess for students who are returning in Spring 2021.  Mail and packages will be delivered to the area office when the area office is open during winter break.  Amazon and PackCity lockers will accessible during winter break.

Area Office Hours

The central housing office is open 8:30 A.M - 5:00 P.M weekdays when the university is open during winter break.  The area offices are on a limited schedule during winter break.  Hours will be posted once finalized.


The potential for thefts and other security problems increase as the end of the semester approaches.  Remember that it is important to keep your room/apartment locked at all times and to be increasingly security conscious.  If you noticed any unusual or suspicious activity in or around the residence halls over break, please contact CWRU Police at 216.368.3333.