Students Returning to CWRU Housing in Spring 2022

Students who are returning to campus housing next semester are able to keep their property in their current space over Thanksgiving and Winter Break; they will also keep any room or mailbox keys in their possession.

Students will not need to check out of their space, though they will need to depart by Thursday, December 16 at 3 p.m.  At that point, access to the building will be shut off, and Residence Life staff will perform room checks to ensure all residents (excluding those approved to stay) are not in the building.  Students will also receive a checklist provided to them by their RA or RCD that informs them of what they need to do before they depart campus for the fall semester.  This will include making sure that:

  • All trash has been removed
  • All valuables have been taken home.
  • Nothing is blocking the heating units.
  • Alarms on alarm clocks have been turned off.
  • Your bicycle is stored in your room or bike rooms, secured with a u-lock.
  • All holiday decorations have been removed and properly stored or discarded.
  • All refrigerators have been unplugged/cleaned out.
  • All windows are closed and securely locked and blinds are closed.
  • All room lights have been turned off.
  • Please remember to take fish and other pets with you.
  • On departure, your room and suite/apartment door is locked.

Routine Health/Safety Inspections & Maintenance of Student Rooms

After the halls close, at least two members of the Residence Life staff will make a routine inspection of student rooms and apartments.  Please leave your room in an orderly condition to facilitate an effective and efficient room check.  The staff will not disturb any of your personal belongings.  In addition, rooms may be entered over break by university officials for inspections or to perform maintenance tasks.

Spring 2022 Move In

Details for Spring semester move-in are currently being finalized. Information will be sent out via email and posted on our Spring Move In website