Dry Cleaning

Jay Dee Cleaners

University Housing partners with Jay Dee Cleaners for our residents' dry cleaning and laundry needs. After a community member registers with Jay Dee, clothing can be dropped off at the Wade or Fribley Area Offices. Prior to 10 a.m. on Tuesdays or Fridays of each week, you can drop off your bags at the Residential Area Office of your choice. When you drop off your laundry, you will complete a brief order form for each bag you drop off.

Laundry can be picked up at the area office the following Tuesday or Friday after 12 p.m. Billing is handled directly with Jay Dee Cleaners so you don't have to worry about payment when you pick up your laundry.

General laundry will be washed, dried, folded, and wrapped when it is returned. Dry cleaning and special care items will be returned on hangers and in bags.

To register with Jay Dee, please complete the registration form and bring it with you to the area office. The document will be faxed to Jay Dee and then shredded, for your security.


Laundry Items Price
Shirts $2.35
Jean/Heavy Shirt $11.50
Small Shirt/Blouses $4.00
Pants/Jeans $3.15
Aprons $5.35
Chef/Lab Coats $6.50
Skirt $3.15
Dry Cleaning Price
Pants/Slacks $3.15
Suits $6.30
Dresses $4.60
Shirt/Blouse $3.45
Sweaters $3.15
Robes (Short) $9.20
Robes (Long) $9.20
Sport Coat $3.15
Jackets $6.60
Skirts $3.15
Uniform $3.15
Leather/Suede $57.25
Comforter $23.00
Repairs and Alterations Price
Alter Slack Waist $16.00
Alter Slack Hem $16.00
Alter Slack Hem/Cuff $17.00
Zipper Slacks $16.00
Zipper Dress $26.40
Replace Button $3.45
Patch Hole $4.60