Employee Referral Incentive Pilot Program

Between now and June 30, 2022, Case Western Reserve’s faculty and staff can earn up to $3,000 if two individuals they encourage to apply are hired for select positions in the medical school, dental school, or public safety—and stay at least a year. 

Human Resources is offering the incentive as a pilot program to attract more high-quality applicants to work at our university. Human Resources will track the effects of the program and determine next steps after it concludes. 

The positions eligible for referral incentives are:

  • clinical staff positions in the School of Dental Medicine
  • dispatcher and police officer positions in the Division of Public Safety
  • up to 20 staff positions in the School of Medicine at salary grade 17 or below.

Referrals for positions in departments other than those listed above are not eligible for this pilot incentive program.

In addition, the incentive only applies to people hired from outside the university after a referral from a current faculty or staff member.

Providing a referral for an applicant is not a guarantee that the individual will receive an interview or be hired for a position at Case Western Reserve University. Also, those involved in the hiring team (interviewing and selection process) for the specific position will not qualify for the referral bonus. The referring employee can earn up to two referral bonuses. 

All referred applicants must complete the standardized process outlined by selection guidelines.

Program Details 

  1. Faculty or staff who are employed full time or part time by CWRU are eligible (Eligible Employees) to receive the incentive.
  2. The program provides referral bonuses for specific full-time or part-time staff positions as outlined above.
  3. During this pilot program, Eligible Employees may earn up to two referral incentives of $1,500 each (one for each person referred and hired—and still employed at six and 12 months from hiring date).   
  4. The name of the employee referring the applicant must be present on the original application submitted in the Human Capital Management (HCM) system. (In other words, employees who want to receive the referral bonus should make sure that the person they encouraged to apply lists their name on the initial application submitted through the university’s HCM system. If they do not provide your name, you will not be able to receive a referral bonus if the person is subsequently hired.)
  5. Both the Eligible Employee and the referred employee must be employed by CWRU on the program’s payout dates, and both must be in good standing for the Eligible Employee to receive payment(s).
  6. Eligible Employees cannot be involved in the hiring process of the position, in direct or indirect oversight of the candidate being referred, or in violation of the university’s policy regarding Conflicting Employment Relationships (which includes nepotism).
  7. Upon confirmation of eligibility, the Eligible Employee will receive $750 paid after the first six months of the referred applicant’s start date and another $750 12 months after the referred applicant’s start date. Payments will be subject to applicable federal tax withholding.