Wellness Program


The Wellness program at CWRU supports the health and well-being of faculty and staff to maximize their quality of life and productivity.

The wellness program includes a monthly Wellness Incentive, through which employees who use a Benelect medical plan can receive a financial incentive if they complete a:

  • health risk appraisal
  • biometric screening AND
  • tobacco attestation form

In addition, Wellness Programs are offered during the year in the following areas:

  • physical activity
  •  nutrition and weight management
  •  stress management
  • financial well-being
  • community well-being
  • tobacco cessation

Individuals may receive $100 for each program completed, up to $200, for meeting program participation guidelines. Qualifying for the monthly incentive first is necessary.

Creating easy ways for people to make healthy choices helps us develop and enhance well-being on campus. Learn more about the CWRU Wellness program.