Discretionary Star Performer Bonus Program Procedure

SUSPENDED 7/1/2021

Effective Date: 06/03/2019
Related Policy: Discretionary Star Performance Bonus Program
Revision History: N/A

Plan Eligibility

All staff employees have the opportunity to earn discretionary spot bonuses. Requirements to receive the reward include: (1) the employee has been employed for at least 6 months; and (2) the employee has successfully completed their three (3) month orientation period; and (3) the employee has a current Annual Performance Review rating above “average/meets expectations”.

Measurement Period

Periods of time considered for an award are at the Deans and/or Vice President’s discretion. The achievement should be a discrete action, or series of actions, over a finite period of time that demonstrates a special situation that rises significantly above the norm.

Award Structure

Staff financial rewards are given in fixed dollar amounts at $250 increments, up to a maximum of $2,500 for employees salary grade seventeen (17) and below, and $5,000 for employees salary grade eighteen (18) and above.

The award should be proportional to the employee’s salary, and generally does not exceed 5% of their current annual salary.

Vice Presidents have the discretion to deliver rewards in a fashion that will aid in motivating and engaging employees.

The bonus amount should correlate to the value the department receives from the employee’s skills, contributions, or positive impact to the academic field, school, or university. All discretionary bonuses must be reviewed and approved by the Senior Vice President or Provost prior to submission.

Award Delivery

Awards are delivered throughout the year as warranted to the employee. Employees are limited to one bonus per fiscal year.

Award Approval

Request forms require Vice President or Dean approval.

Award Funding 

Awards are funded by individual departments/schools through their respective salary increase pools.