Flexible Staffing Options

The following have been approved for January 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021:

  1. Reassignment (new option for January 2021)
    1. Provides flexibility for low volume of work for staff or changes in the required positions needed for the department critical functions
  2. Flex Schedule (extended to June 30, 2021)
  3. Reduced Hours (Part-Time)
    1. A temporary reduction in hours (e.g. reduce from 1.0 FTE to anywhere from 0.5 to 0.9 FTE) while maintaining benefits at full time rate
  4. Furloughs (extension through June 30, 2021)
  5. Convenience Leave


Allowing supervisors flexibility to temporarily move/reassign employees to increase their skills and create a more flexible team without going through Human Resources (e.g. do not have to change job description). Due to the extended work from home options and changes in the work demands, supervisors should monitor and evaluate the workload and demands needed to fulfill the job duties and work necessary for the department. Employees working from home should complete and submit a daily task list to their supervisors. A review should be conducted by departmental leadership that the work that has been identified and completed is fulfilling the department’s priorities. Departmental leadership can reassign employees to other positions within their department or management center or other departments management centers on campus.  Employees will maintain their current salary during their temporary reassignment.  

Reassignment Considerations

  • Gives departments flexibility to consider which job duties and work is necessary for the department during the pandemic and target areas that have lax work by temporarily reassigning employees to work on other tasks and assignments that are critical for the department 
  • In certain circumstances, additional training will be needed for the staff member. 
  • HR does not need to be consulted and does not need to approve temporary reassignments. No documentation with HR is necessary, though supervisors should be sure to put the new duties in writing to the employee 

Flex Schedule

With their supervisors’ approval, staff are permitted to modify their work hours to include evenings and weekends rather than school hours; or to reduce and modify their hours simultaneously. A flexible schedule allows employees to work on campus at a time when their department may have fewer people in the office in an effort to reduce density, or to work around personal commitment they may have (including assisting school aged children).

To submit a Flexible Work Schedule, staff must complete a Flexible Staffing Request Form and submit it to Human Resources at hrrecords@case.edu.

Reduced Hours / Furlough

Furlough allows departments that need to reduce staffing (1) due to slack periods of work (i.e. position currently is not a full-time role due to COVID), (2) to reduce expenses, or (3) for employees who voluntarily choose a furlough to reduce their work schedule temporarily because of demands outside of their work. Furlough periods are unpaid and employees may not perform any work for the university during a furlough period. However, employees retain their benefits during furlough periods and employees on a furlough are eligible for unemployment benefits.

To request part-time (reduced hours), staff must complete a Flexible Staffing Request Form and submit it to Human Resources at hrrecords@case.edu.

Reduced Hours / Furlough Considerations

  • Allows departments flexibility to stagger furlough days and/or weeks across departments so partially staffed and essential duties are performed while still reducing personnel costs
  • The maximum amount of furlough time is six months
  • Reduced hours do not have a six month limit (furloughs are limited to six months).

Typically anyone below 0.5 effort cannot remain on CWRU payroll, and continued employment must be coordinated between the department and Kelly Services. The university also approved reduced effort under part-time (e.g. allowing employees to be staffed below 0.5 FTW while remaining a CWRU employee, though not benefits eligible). 

Convenience Leave

Convenience Leave allows staff to go on an unpaid non-medical leave when it is beneficial to the university and employee. During convenience leave, employees are responsible for their contribution to the Benelect plan. The university will continue its portion of the Benelect contribution during the leave period for a maximum of twelve (12) weeks. To apply for a Convenience Leave, staff must complete a Leave of Absence Form and submit it to the Leave of Absence Specialist at leaves@case.edu.