Annual Performance Evaluations

The annual performance evaluation process is centered around on-going communication between employees and their supervisors related to goals, expectations, skills, and performance. Human Resources has a detailed Policy and Procedure related to the annual performance review process which can be found here and here

The Professional Development Center (PDC) is here to assist staff members with learning how to use the new annual performance review forms. We provide initial training, ongoing training sessions, and one-on-one support for both staff members and those who supervise staff members. 

Annual Performance Evaluation FAQ's

General Questions

The new annual performance review process includes updated forms to be utilized for performance evaluation. 

No. These new forms have no impact on your review date.

The new forms are available for download now via the HR Forms section of our website under "Employee Evaluation and Development" or on this page under "downloadable resources". 

Some divisions on campus have already been using these new forms as part of the pilot program. Training materials and one-on-one support meetings may still be helpful to you. You are encouraged to take advantage of these resources. 

All reviews which take place before the training materials are completed should utilize the old forms and process. 

It is an expectation that all employees and all who supervise employees will use the new annual performance review forms. 

The Professional Development Center (PDC) will launch a training module in Canvas starting May 2, 2022. This training module will walk you through the forms, how to use them, and tips for success. This training will be a one hour module. 

Staff members and those who supervise staff members are expected to complete the training module by May 31, 2022. You may view the training on your own time, whenever is convenient, starting May 2, 2022. 

For information related to the annual performance review process, procedures, and the grievance process, you may view the Human Resources Annual Performance Review Process policy here

Additional Questions

Do you have other questions about the annual performance review process scheduled to launch on May 2, 2022? Submit your questions to us here

Downloadable Resources

Below you will find downloadable resources related to the annual performance review process.