Scheduling a Mental Health Specialist Appointment

How Faculty and Staff Can Schedule an Appointment with the Mental Health Support Specialist

Faculty and staff should follow the outlined steps to schedule an appointment online. If you cannot schedule online, you also can call the Mental Health Support Specialist at 216.368.6612 or send a secure message through to Avril Sargeant, LPCC-S.

To book an appointment online:

  1. Log in to with your CWRU network ID and passphrase.
  2. Authenticate with your date of birth. 
    1. If you get an error message, please follow the steps on the screen to sign up for an account.
  3. From the Home page, select “Appointments.” 
  4. Select “Schedule an Appointment.”
  5. Select “I would like to make an appointment.” 
  6. Select “Mental Health Support Specialist (Faculty / Staff Only).” 
  7. Select “CONTINUE.”
  8. Read the instructions and select “Continue.”
  9. Specify a reason for your appointment and select “Continue.”
  10. Enter a callback number and and select “Continue.”
  11. Optionally enter your race/ethnicity and select “Continue.”
  12. Select “Search for appointments.”
  13. Choose an appointment and select “Continue.”
  14. Choose your location and and select “Continue.”
  15. Select “Confirm” and then "Continue."
  16. Your appointment will show up under appointments, and a Zoom link will appear when it is closer to your appointment time.