Form 1095 FAQ

What is IRS Form 1095?

As part of the Affordable Care Act, the university is required to issue an IRS document – Form 1095. This form provides you with information about the health insurance coverage you had or were offered during the tax year.

Generally, Form 1095-C and Form 1095-B are not required for the preparation of your tax return, nor does the form need to be attached to your tax filing. However, some tax preparers ask for it, so employees should keep the Form 1095 with their tax records.

I was only covered briefly under medical insurance from the university. Do I still need a Form 1095?

Yes.  All benefit-eligible individuals will receive this form whether or not they used one of the insurance options during the previous tax year.

How will I receive a copy of the 1095 form?

Benefit-eligible employees will receive the Form 1095-C via mail, which will be sent to the address listed in the HCM system. (You can update addresses through the HCM system by navigating to Self Service > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address).