Other Leaves of Absence Procedure

Procedure no. IV-11a
Effective date: 01/01/2008
Related Policy: IV-11

To retain a valuable employee who has a legitimate conflict with performing his/her job for a specific period of time. The employee's primary intention is to return to work.

Administrative Approval
For Staff: Supervisor and Employee Relations Office
For Faculty: Department Chair, Dean or Provost, with the Employee Relations Office

Functions Impacted
Human Resources
Dept. Chair/Dean
Health Services


Detailed Procedures

  1. Employees are expected to give reasonable notice of at least 30 days when requesting a non-FMLA medical leave or personal leave of absence.
  2. Employees are expected to provide a reason for the leave.  This reason will be kept confidential to the extent possible, but will be shared with university administrators and staff who have a legitimate need to know the information.
  3. The supervisor is responsible for assessing the validity of the request and the impact on productivity and performance.  If the supervisor disagrees with the request or the timing, the supervisor in consultation with an Employee Relations representative, has the authority to deny the leave.
  4. If the supervisor considers the leave request valid, the supervisor should contact the Employee Relations Office to confirm that approving the request is in keeping with the spirit of the policy and with university-wide practice regarding the specific situation.  The supervisor should request the required documentation from the employee.
  5. Upon confirming with the Employee Relations Office that the leave will be approved, the supervisor and the employee are to complete the Request for Leave Form and attach the required documentation that supports any leave request.
  6. If the employee is requesting the personal leave as an extension of another leave the employee and supervisor must still complete the form to designate the change in leave status. 
  7. The employee is to be allowed work time to meet with an Employee Relations representative about the impact of discontinuing benefits while on leave.  If an employee is on a paid leave, the employee’s contributions towards their benefits will be deducted from their paycheck.  While on an unpaid leave, the employee is eligible for benefit continuation through COBRA.
  8. The employee is responsible for providing a contact number in case of an emergency.
  9. One week prior to the return date, the supervisor is responsible for confirming the employee's intent to return to work on schedule.
  10. Extensions to personal leaves are generally discouraged and must be approved by the supervisor.  However, any extension of personal leave may not take the total leave beyond the maximum leave time of 12 weeks.  The extension should be discussed with the Employee Relations Office if the total leave exceeds 12 weeks.
  11. Failure to return to work on the expected return date will be considered a voluntary resignation, but no termination activity will be undertaken without communication with the Employee Relations Office. 
  12. Upon the employee's return to work, the supervisor is to sign the leave form and forward it to the Employee Relations Office.  This signed copy authorizes resumption of payroll and full benefits administration.

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