Overtime Procedure

Procedure no. IV-2a
Effective date: 01/01/2008
Related Policy: IV-2

To authorize overtime pay in a timely manner.

Administrative Approval
For Staff: Supervisor

Functions Impacted
Human Resources

Detailed Procedures
  1. Supervisors must always authorize overtime in advance of the employee performing the overtime work.  Employees who do not seek the proper authorization in advance for overtime pay may be subject to corrective action up to and including termination.
  2. Overtime must be paid and is based on time worked in the week.  Holiday pay will be included as time worked.  Time taken in the week for vacation, sick, or unpaid time off is not included as time worked in the week.
Nonexempt Staff

All nonexempt staff are to be paid for every hour worked.  The payroll system pays in 1/10 (one-tenth) hour increments so time submitted should be recorded in 1/10 (one-tenth) hour increments.  Non-exempt staff are paid straight time for every hour worked up through 40 hours.  Non-exempt staff are paid at time and one-half beginning with 40.10 hours for the time worked in excess of 40 hours.

The employee is responsible for recording overtime in the payroll system, and the supervisor is responsible for approving overtime in the payroll system.  Generally, the overtime pay will be processed in the pay period following the pay period in which the time was worked.

Compensatory time off is not allowed in lieu of pay for overtime worked.

Exempt Staff

While exempt staff do not qualify for overtime, there are extraordinary circumstances that may warrant additional pay. Any exceptional and pre-approved assignment that requires additional hours on average of more than 10 hours per week for at least two work months constitutes an extraordinary project for which additional pay may be requested.  Supervisors should identify these projects in advance, complete an additional pay request form, obtain budget approval from their supervisor, and submit the request to the Compensation Office for approval.  Once approved, the supervisor must enter payments in the payroll system every pay period.