Employee Resource Center

Policy no. III-4
Effective Date: 01/01/2002
Scope: Faculty and Staff employees
Exclusions: temporary employees

Policy Statement

The Human Resources Department will maintain an employee resource center in the library which will be a walk-in reference center and training resource available for employees. The resources will be for employees who may want to review, reference, or study a particular topic related to their employment or personal development. Materials include books, software, audio tapes and videos on such subjects as:

  • Computer Literacy
  • Personal Skill Development
  • Personal Retirement Planning
  • Supervisory Skill Development
  • Career Planning and Development

The resources are cataloged on EuclidPLUS, the online catalog of Case Western Reserve University libraries, and are located in the Kelvin Smith Library. These special resources are available to the Case Western Reserve University community behind the main service desk during regular operating hours. Employees need to use their Case Western Reserve University I.D. card to borrow materials.

The center is a benefit that provides employees the resources desired for job performance development and personal effectiveness. Updates on new materials in the center will be posted in the Human Resources Quarterly and on the HR Education and Development web site.

Policy Administration: Education and Development office

References: Educational Advantages (IV-7)