Internal Employment Opportunities Procedure

Procedure no. III-1a

Effective Date: 12/01/2009
Related Policy: III-1


To provide employees with the details of the Internal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Administrative Approval

For Staff: Employment Specialist

Functions Impacted

Human Resources
University Health Services

Detailed Procedures

Staff employees who consider applying for other positions within the university should first review these procedures for the opportunities and challenges available to them.


Employees are eligible to apply for a posted position if they:

  • Maintain a performance level of meets standards or better**;
  • Have been in their current position for twelve months or more (or six months if the position is in the same department);
  • Meet the qualifications that are listed in the postings;
  • Respond to the posting in a timely manner using the Internal Transfer/Promotion Application;
  • Are not currently in Positive Corrective or been in Positive Corrective Action in the past 12 months.

**Consideration may be given to an employee to pursue an internal employment opportunity whose performance is below meets standards on the most recent Performance Management Outline and extenuating circumstances exist. The decision to allow an employee to pursue other employment opportunities will be made by the supervisor and Employee Relations.


  • Employees may apply by submitting the completed Internal Transfer/Promotion Application to Human Resources.
  • An employment specialist will review the application and confirm that the employee meets the educational, skills, and job experience and other eligibility criteria required for the posted position.

Qualified Candidates

  • Qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring supervisor for an initial interview.
  • After the initial interview, candidates must determine if they continue to be interested in the position. If they continue to be interested, they must notify their current supervisor of their interest in another position.
  • The employment specialist will notify interviewed candidates if they continue to be candidates for consideration. If they are, subsequent interviewing may occur.
  • Qualified internal candidates should understand that other interviewing of internal and external candidates may occur while they are under consideration for the position.

Candidates who do not have the qualifications:

Candidates who are not eligible for an interview will be contacted by the Employment Specialist who may offer suggestions of ways in which they may improve their qualifications.


  • Interviewed candidates who are selected with the support of the hiring supervisor are to give their current supervisor at least two weeks' notice of transfer.
  • Selected candidates are to work with the Employment office and acquiring department to satisfy any position requirements that are essential to beginning the job (see policy on Position Requirements, II-8).
  • Selected candidates will begin their new position in a three month orientation period (see policy on Employment Orientation, II-10). In the event that the selected candidate is not successful during the orientation period, the employee may:
    • Apply for another position through the posting system;
    • Apply for the former position if the position is available.

Candidates Who Are Not Selected

Interviewed candidates who are not selected may request a career counseling session with the employment specialist.