Employee Services

It is important to remember that every employee's role on campus is linked to serving students, those who work with students, and serving each other. The university officers believe that employees who receive good service will be even more willing to provide good service. Consequently, the services included in this section are communicated to employees so that they know how to use the services, when and if needed. Services range from on-campus employee assistance to other services often required by former employees. The intent in providing this information is to foster positive employee relations and open communications, given the large campus workforce that is served through these policies.

V. Employee Services Contents
  1. Employee Assistance Program
  2. Employee References
  3. Employment and Wage Verification
  4. Grievances
    1. Staff Grievance Procedure
  5. Emergency Salary Advance
    1. Emergency Salary Advance Procedure
  6. Violence in the Workplace
  7. Courtesy Parking Stamp