Courtesy Parking Stamp

Policy no. V-7
Effective date: 09/26/2005
Scope: faculty, executive staff, senior staff, staff, and student employees

Policy Statement

Courtesy stamps are used when a department wishes to pay for guest parking in an attended visitor lot. Any use of a courtesy stamp results in a charge to the department for the guest parking. Therefore, it is imperative that the department approve of any use of a courtesy stamp.

Courtesy stamps are not valid in metered parking lots.

Courtesy stamps may NOT be used to pay for faculty, employee, or student parking in visitor lots by any faculty, staff or student whose work or study is on the Case Western Reserve University campus or Case Western Reserve University property*. Employee use of visitor lots results in visitor parking being unavailable for legitimate visitors and a loss of revenue to the university. ANY EMPLOYEE WHO USES A COURTESY STAMP TO OBTAIN PARKING IN A VISITOR LOT OR ANY EMPLOYEE WHO PERMITS ANOTHER EMPLOYEE TO USE A COURTESY STAMP FOR OTHER THAN LEGITIMATE PURPOSES WILL BE SUBJECT TO CORRECTIVE ACTION, UP TO AND INCLUDING TERMINATION. To accommodate periodic drop-offs/pickups, effective July 1, 2005 those leaving the Visitors Lot within 30 minutes of having entered, as determined by the parking attendant examining the parking ticket, will do so at no charge.

*Because of the nature of dental clinic operations in the School of Dental Medicine, the Dean has the authority to permit validation of parking to support clinical operations.

Courtesy stamps may not be used to pay for parking violations. Those who receive violations should either pay the indicated fine or file a written appeal with Standard Parking.

If a department wishes to pay for a violation issued to a visitor, a memo explaining why the department is absorbing the cost must be submitted, with the parking ticket, to the Manager of Access Services/Parking. These will be reviewed on an individual basis. Failure to provide the memo from the department and the parking ticket will result in the violation remaining open. Standard Parking will then follow its normal collection procedures.

Lot attendants are authorized to honor only the actual courtesy-stamped visitor stub. They are not authorized to accept pre-printed slips or any other form or document.

Authorized users/stamp holders and the recipient must legibly write and sign their name on each parking stub on which they place a courtesy stamp. Unsigned stamps on parking stubs will not be accepted by the Parking Attendant.

Stamps should be kept in secure locations. Lost or stolen stamps must be reported to Access Services immediately, but all charges appearing on the stamp will be billed back to the user department.

Those who have valid parking permits for daytime parking and who have a regular need to stay after hours for work purposes may contact Access Services (368-2273 or by email to to discuss options.  These include, but are not limited to, activation of a Case Western Reserve University ID for access to a particular lot after 4:30 p.m.  Those who do not normally park during the day but have an ongoing need for after hours access may purchase night/weekend parking permits.  Protective Services also provides escort service 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Those using a courtesy stamp to validate visitors' parking tickets must keep a log of stamp uses, recording the date, the name of the visitor, and the time of the validation. Access Services has provided a log template to assist in tracking this activity. Offices should reconcile their parking logs with parking reports and expense statements on a monthly basis. Upon request, Access Services can provide any department with additional details on the parking report to help in reconciling the log and reports or statements.

Access Services must be notified

  • if an authorized user, designated on the Courtesy Stamp Request Form, is no longer an authorized user
  • if a department moves to a new location
  • if the account number changes

If a department no longer wishes to use a stamp, the stamp must be returned to Access Services.

Any employee who is authorized to use a courtesy stamp is responsible for assuring that the stamp is not used inappropriately. Authorized employees must not misuse the stamp, whether to benefit that employee or another employee; must not allow another employee to misuse the stamp; and must not fail to adequately secure the stamp. Any of these misuses of the stamp will result in corrective action, up to and including termination for the authorized employee as well as any other employee determined to have misused the stamp.

All employees authorized to use a courtesy stamp must complete a request form for a courtesy stamp and must certify in writing on that form that they agree to abide by this Courtesy Stamp Policy and that they will not abuse or misuse the stamp or permit others to abuse or misuse the stamp.

Courtesy stamps are not transferable. The Courtesy Stamp Parking Request Form provides for at least two authorized users to use each stamp. Only those users who are an authorized user on the Courtesy Stamp Request Form and have signed this form may use the designated stamp. An authorized user MAY NOT transfer the stamp to another individual and may not permit any other individual to use the stamp. If a new authorized user is to be designated for a stamp, a new Courtesy Stamp Parking Request Form must be completed.