Employee References

Policy no. V-2
Effective date: 01/01/2002
Scope: executive staff, senior staff, staff, and student employees
Exclusions: faculty

Policy Statement

The university prefers to keep all employment records confidential. As a result, references concerning employment of former employees will be limited to the following information: dates of employment and job title at the time of termination. A former employee may sign a written release authorizing the requester to obtain additional information. The information that may be released with written authorization includes: 1) a confirmation of a quoted salary figure, 2) reason for termination as stated on the termination form, and 3) performance criteria if documented on the most recent performance management outline. In terms of performance criteria, the only information provided will be a direct response to specific performance questions by the requester, and only as documented in the most recent performance management outline. No general or unsolicited information will be provided.

The university authorizes the Records Office to process all staff employee references and the Student Employment office for student employee references. In the event that a supervisor is contacted directly, the supervisor may confirm the dates of employment and job titles, but must refer any written or verbal requests for additional information to the Records office.


Policy Administration: HR Information Systems office, supervisor, and Student Employment office

Reference: Employee Records Policy (II-15)