Termination of Employment Procedure

Procedure no. II-12a
Effective Date: 01/01/2008
Related Policy: II-12


To process all terminations in a timely and consistent manner.

Administrative Approval

For Staff: Supervisor
For Faculty: Department Chair

Functions Impacted

Human Resources

Detailed Procedures

For Faculty and Staff Employees

  1. Upon notification of an employee’s termination, the supervisor is to complete the Personnel Action Form and submit the form to the Records Office of the Human Resources Department within one workday.

  2. The supervisor should issue to the employee the Employee Termination Checklist (#HR10040101).

  3. The Records office is responsible for: 

    1. Authorizing the preparation and release of the final pay in the form of a check upon receiving the completed Employee Termination Checklist.

    2.  The final paycheck will be issued no later than the next normal pay period.

  4. The Employee Relations Office is responsible for issuing an Exit Interview Survey to the employee.
  5. The Benefits Office of the Human Resources Department is responsible for terminating the enrollment in the benefits program or for converting benefits based on the nature of the termination (retirement, death, etc). The Benefits Office is also responsible for notifying employees of their options with regard to COBRA and/or conversions to individual plans.
  6. The terminating employee is responsible for returning all university property, equipment, work materials, tools, research and notes and for reconciling outstanding expenses, fines and other debts. The terminating employee is also responsible for returning keys, identification cards, etc., and a completed Employee Termination Checklist to the Records Office, 220 Crawford Hall (LC7047). Should an employee fail to return any university property or to pay all debts to the university, the university may deduct from the employee's final paycheck an amount equal to the debts owed to the university, an amount equal to the reasonable value to the property not returned, or both.

For Staff Employee Lay Offs

Any consideration to lay off an employee or a group of employees must be reviewed with the Employee Relations Office prior to taking any action. Supervisors must obtain approval from their department head before proceeding with any request to reorganize or lay off an employee(s). In addition, the supervisor must also complete a Reorganization Request Guide and submit the guide in final form to Employee Relations for approval. The Reorganization Request Guide will also require General Counsel approval. Refer to Reorganization Policy (II-17) and Procedure Procedure (II-17a) for details of the reorganization process.

For Outplacement Counseling

The supervisor is responsible for coordinating with the Employee Relations Office on the provision of any outplacement counseling for which executive or senior staff employees may be eligible in accordance with Case Western Reserve University policy. The services will be contracted through the Employment Office, and the expense of the service will be charged to the terminating department.