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Training & Development

Our broad-based curriculum focuses on the professional development needs of Case Western Reserve University staff and faculty. These courses and learning opportunities provide guidance and structure to individual contributors and supervisors who foster personal and professional growth and contribute to a high-performance culture at CWRU.

Our curriculum includes:

Management Development Series                                                                            Personal & Professional Impact Series

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    Management Development Series

    The Management Development Series is designed to develop supervisory skills by exploring strong communication techniques and then supplementing those techniques with the practical skills needed in managing others.  Courses are subject to change based on university priorities.

    This series is recommended for any CWRU staff or faculty who oversees the work of others or aspires to hold a supervisory or management position in the future. Individuals who complete all the courses can earn the CWRU Certificate of Management.




    Introduction to Your Management Style (DiSC)

    Understanding one's own management style and other's styles will help in communicating and relating to others more effectively and reduce unproductive conflict. This course uses the DiSC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) methodology to learn about behaviors and effective relationships.


    Directing & Delegating Using DiSC

    Building on Introduction to Your Management Style, participants apply DiSC in specific situations where they provide direction and/or delegate to others.

    Creating a Motivating Environment (DiSC)

    In this course, participants discover how DiSC styles influence motivation and how to align their behavior with the motivational needs of others.

    Strategy and Developing Others (DiSC)

    Managers learn how to provide resources, environments and opportunities that support long-term professional growth.


    Employment Law Essentials for Supervisors

    In this course, customized to CWRU policies, participants learn the essential elements supervisors should use for employment.

    Evaluating Performance—Including the Performance Evaluation

    This course focuses on the skills necessary to manage performance throughout the entire year including setting clear expectations, creating goals, giving feedback, coaching and evaluating performance.


    Personal & Professional Impact Series

    This series aims to help CWRU staff and faculty learn more about themselves and how they can improve their contribution to the department and to the university.


    Improving Your Time Management

    In this highly customized workshop, you first complete an online self-assessment to generate a personal report that gives you feedback on your skills as it pertains to 12 areas associated with managing time effectively. You then explore various tools and techniques to increase organization and effectiveness.

    Performance Teams

    The Resilience Advantage

    Resilience is the capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge or adversity. Based on the research and findings of HeartMath Institute, this course is designed to help participants manage stress and improve performance with increased clarity of thinking and innovation.

    Introduction to Conflict Management

    Conflict is inevitable, but it does not have to be painful. If managed correctly, conflict can be a productive force that encourages creativity, innovation, and better decision making. Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument self-assessment, participants will explore what conflict is and how to manage it effectively.

    Conflict Management & DiSC

    Using the DiSC model as a guide, participants will discover how the different styles might view and approach conflict. With this understanding, they will practice how to adapt their behavior to de-escalate conflict and make it more productive.