Employee Assistance and Work-Life Program (EAP)

Title: Employee Assistance and Work-Life Program (EAP)
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Effective Date: 01/01/2002 
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Review Period: 5 years
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Relates to: faculty, executive staff, senior staff, and staff
Exclusions: student employees

The university recognizes that employees occasionally experience personal situations that are difficult to handle without professional assistance. For that reason, the university provides an employee assistance and work-life program (EAP) which is available to every employee. The available services include, at no cost to the employee, assessment and referrals as necessary.

Areas of consultation and referral include: career counseling, chemical dependency, elder or child care, financial solvency, grief, marital and family counseling, and psychological counseling. The referral agencies are local contacts accomplished in their areas of expertise.

The employee is assured of confidentiality in using the employee assistance program. To maintain confidentiality, the employee is responsible for taking steps to contact the employee assistance program directly for services. There will be no monitoring of EAP utilization unless it is directly linked to retaining the employee's job. In the event that an employee needs to make special work arrangements for a short time to accommodate necessary employee assistance services, the supervisor will work with the employee and the Employee Relations office without violating the confidence of any prior consultation.

If performance is unsatisfactory the request for employee assistance services does not supersede the employee's need to develop and maintain the performance standards of the job.

Student employees receive similar services through the University Counseling office. In the event of an emergency, supervisors may refer other employees to University Counseling as well.

For more information about the EAP, see https://case.edu/hr/worklife/perks-extras/employee-assistance-program

Policy Administration: Employee Relations Office

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