Department Metrics for Staff Hybrid Remote Work

CWRU adopted a Hybrid Work Program with a goal of maintaining the vibrancy of our residential campus while also providing flexibility for remote work.

Hybrid work arrangements must be mutually beneficial and work in a way that continues to advance the institution’s excellence; contribute to the unit’s purpose and responsibilities; and provide staff opportunities to conduct duties remotely, so long as they meet performance expectations. In essence, departments should be working at the same level of productivity when remote as in-office.

The University has used the annual review to assess individual staff productivity and performance. Similarly, the University has identified productivity as a primary metric category for evaluating departmental performance with respect to the Staff Hybrid Remote and Fully Remote Work Program. With this in mind, each department supervisor should identify one objective metric of productivity that will be used to measure the overall productivity of the department that is most relevant for maintaining department operations. In other words, what is considered productive for your department and how do you measure it

Departments/supervisors should incorporate your objective departmental metric into your daily evaluation of department operations beginning September 2022, as it will need to be incorporated into staff annual reviews in June 2023, and your department will be asked to provide semi-annual updates at a departmental level. 

The Department Metrics Form should be completed forms should be sent to the Hybrid Committee at with the subject line "Department Metrics".

Metrics are due from all departments participating in the Staff Hybrid Remote Work Program by September 1, regardless of whether changes are made to their departments approved proposals. Failure to submit metrics could result in the Staff Hybrid Remote Work Program being suspended in your department until the Department Metrics Form is submitted.