At the Human Fusions Institute at Case Western Reserve University, we’re extending the human experience through NeuroReality™—our approach that connects a human’s nervous system to edge devices via a networking platform.

By connecting with  the human peripheral nervous system, NeuroReality™ enables communication between humans and devices, paving the way for real-time, long-distance communication between humans and machines. The human sensorimotor system is a powerhouse—why not harness that power to transcend time and space?

Since our groundbreaking work restoring function and sensation to prosthetic limbs began, our research focus has only grown. Now, we’re not only implanting nerve cuffs that record and transmit physiological signals to prosthetic limbs—we’re launching minimally and even non-invasive procedures that extend this research and its opportunities to able-bodied people. And, we’re doing this all with an eye to ethical, legal and regulatory concerns.

Person holding a prosthetic hand
Human Interface

Communicating with humans’ nervous systems opens up a world of opportunity. Discover how we’re extending the possibilities of physical touch, not just for amputees—but for people across the globe. 

Image of infographic of wifi going into a cloud of information
Cyberphysical Systems

How can a machine effectively communicate data with a human, and vice versa? Get to know the NeuroReality™ Platform, our approach to cyberinfrastructure that will optimize time, health, experience and reality.  

Robot hand and human hand touching a screen on opposite sides
Mechatronics and Human-Connected Robotics

Humans can control robots. But what if that relationship took place bidirectionally? Learn how we’re combining social and functional approaches to bring people’s lived experiences beyond the human body. 

Man wearing virtual reality headset and moving his hands
Augmented and Virtual Reality

You’ve likely seen virtual headsets that play on visual and auditory cues. But what if you could experience a virtual reality in which you physically feel sensations such as pressure, texture and pain? Take a look at how we’re paving the way for full-body virtual experiences.

Woman working with a machine
Human-Centered Convergent Research

When researching at the intersection of humans and technology, questions around ethics and possible outcomes are considerable. Discover how we’re creating a positive, ethical and human-centered approach to human-tech relationships.