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November 1, 2017 : If Aristotle Waged Cyber Warfare

If Aristotle Waged Cyber Warfare, While US cyber security experts have nervously awaited a "cyber Armageddon" our adversaries have top-toed up behind us, engaging in "state-sponsored hacktivism." How do we discern new norms of responsible behavior in this environment where adversaries now interfere now interfere in elections and copy and steal millions of private personnel records? As always, Aristotle offers some useful advice. Dr. George R. Lucas, Jr. is the CRWRU Visiting Distinguished Inamori Scholar.

March 18, 2016 - Can't Take a Joke?: Offensiveness and the Morality of Humor

Can't You Take a Joke? Offensiveness and the Morality of Humor, Dr. Steven Gimbel is Professor of Philosophy at Gettysburg College where he held the Edwin T. and Cynthia Shearer Johnson Chair for Distinguished Teaching in the Humanities and was chair of the philosophy department. He is also an ameteur stand-up comic and a member of the Lighthearted Philosophers Society which awarded the 2013 Joseph Ellen Memorial Prize for his paper "Heckler Ethics." Friday, March 18th 12:30 p.m.


September 25, 2015- Decolonizing Museums: On the Ethics of Deploying Emic and Etic Taxonomies

Dr. Deepak Sarma, Decolonizing Museums: On the Ethics of Deploying Emic and Etic Taxonomies, Dr. Deepak Sarma, professor of South Asian religions and philosophy at Case Western Reserve University, is the author of Classical Indian Philosophy: A Reader (2011), Epistemologies and the Limitations of Philosophical Inquiry: Doctrine in Madhava Vedanta (2005) and an Introduction to Madhava Vedanta (2003). He was a guest curator of Indian Kalighat Paintings, an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art.