Robert L. Haynie Scholarship

The Scholarship

Dr. Robert L. Haynie (GRS ’72, MED ’78) recently retired as the Dean of the Robbins Society, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the CWRU School of Medicine. His work specializing in obesity and hypertension has been aimed at aiding those who are otherwise underserved due to class and racial barriers.

Beyond his medical work, Dr. Haynie’s passion for education has resulted in unprecedented opportunities for minority students in the Cleveland area. This named scholarship, designated to aid a diverse group of students enrolled in the School of Medicine, is yet another aspect of Dr. Haynie’s continued commitment to medicine, education, and eliminating barriers to both.

“That's the kind of person he is. He finds out where you are, connects with you and tries to develop your individual strengths and talents.”

—Dr. Regina James

Dr. Robert Haynie

Doctor Robert Haynie

As a PhD student at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Haynie was surprised by the contrast between the population of the university and the surrounding neighborhoods. As he continued his career here in medical school and eventually as staff and faculty, Haynie was continuously perturbed by this and decided to do something. Reaching out to John Hay High School, Haynie founded the Robbins Bridge Program to connect students from the Cleveland Metro School District to Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Wanting to see more students of color and Cleveland residents represented in the undergraduate and professional levels of the university, Haynie continues to work with John Hay on the Board of Trustees of the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine and in partnership with the Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation on their Health Professions Pipeline program creating a direct avenue for students from John Hay to the CWRU School of

Medicine. Haynie has also begun what he calls the Four Corners Project working with the Bolton Elementary School, Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center, University Hospitals Ottis Moss Jr. Health Center, and Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in the Fairfax neighborhood to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood and aide the children in Cleveland Metropolitan Schools. 

Dr. Haynie, in every aspect of his life and career, seeks equity, equality, and justice in education and medicine. This scholarship is yet another way that the kindness and passion Dr. Haynie has come to be known for manifests itself as a boon to the community, much like the man himself.