‌Case Western Reserve is a leading research institution that annually adds $1 billion to the region’s economy. The university employs more than 6,000 faculty and professional staff—making it among Northeast Ohio’s top 20 largest employers—and boasts more than 110,000 alumni, more than 35,000 of whom live in the region.

In research and technology

The university’s commercialization efforts make a difference in our economy and society. We have successfully partnered with more than 500 companies of all sizes to work on collaborative projects. Our researchers annually bring in an average of:

  • More than $400 million in research expenditures
  • More than $4.3 million in licensing revenues
  • Nearly 300 active licenses
  • More than 200 inventiondisclosures
  • Nearly 100 patents
  • About half of our annual investment in patents is reimbursed by active commercialization partners


  • An average of three to four dozen deals are reached with industry each year, with 280 currently active partnerships
  • Over the past decade more than $50 million in royalties have come back to the University to be shared with our inventors and for re-investment in our ecosystem
  • 50 companies have been launched since 2001, having raised more than $150 million in follow-on funding

In the community

Case Western Reserve plays a major role in Cleveland‘s evolution and momentum:

  • Contributing more than 672,000 hours of volunteer service to the Cleveland community
  • Hosting more than 900 community outreach programs each year
  • Partnering with 1,000 non-profits, 95 percent of which are located throughout Cleveland

Innovation Starts at CWRU

Over the years, faculty, students and alumni have impacted society through invention and industry.