Rachid Sefrioui

Managing Director, Finaventures (Los Angeles, California)

Rachid Sefrioui is the Managing Director of Finaventures, a venture capital firm he founded in 1999 in Los Angeles. In the last 20 years, he backed over 40 growth companies & startups, with over $150M through Funds I, II and currently III. He was the Founding CEO of the 18-company integration and merger of our Growth Equity portfolio to create Finatech, a Regional Technology leader. He had a few IPOs on Nasdaq and international exchanges, numerous Stars from $20M to $400M acquired by Global companies, a number of Runners over $5 million, and a few duds.

Rachid is multicultural, in the U.S., Europe and MENA, and speaks fluent English, French and Arabic. He comfortably navigates the nuances of these cultures, builds relationships and communication bridges, which helps him close quality partnerships and win-win transactions. He is a TEDx Speaker on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Anchoring. He earned his stripes early in his career by working for global consulting firm, McKinsey & Company and for financial houses such as Bowco Investments and Wafatrust Credit Agricole Indosuez.

He earned a degree in management from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.