Shawana P. Johnson

CEO, Global Marketing Insights Inc. 

Headshot of Shawana Johnson

Dr. Shawana P. Johnson, maintains a USG security clearance is a resident of Ohio, works in Washington D.C. as well as globally; is a GISP (Certified Geographic Business Information System Professional) and a globally recognized geospatial intelligence expert supporting the U.S. government and the global security and intelligence industries with market information focused on global-commercial geospatial imagery assets from spaceborne to terrestrial-based as well as the supporting cloud and high-performance compute technology platforms and capabilities needed in order to utilize these geospatial assets and tools.  Her application science areas of expertise are energy,  Agriculture,  Water  Resources,  Maritime Security, and Land   Asset and Resource Planning.  

The knowledge she possesses about global commercial geospatial assets is utilized to provide secure environments in a broad range of applications from strategic planning for water resource management to global food security.  Due to her expertise, she has briefed the USG, Pentagon, White House Administration and other Federal Civil Agencies on the U.S.Role and Standing in Commercial  Space. She has supported the  USG  through the Multi-Intelligence Tradecraft  Community of  Practice,  Community  Innovation  Exchanges–as the Lead  Rapporteur and Commercial  Space  Lead and as a  commercial geospatial subject matter expert providing  Technical Exchange  Meeting Research and  Round  Table  Management for the  National  Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. During  2019  and  2020  she has been part of a  team for the  US  Air  Force  Academy developing input for  Space  Domain  Awareness for  Space  Object  Identification utilizing  Hyperspectral  Imagery and Advanced Deep Learning Analytics. At Global Marketing Insights Inc. she wholly owns and serves as President to an international client base in the  United  States,  Canada,  South  America,  Asia,  and  Europe where her area of expertise includes providing Geospatial Business Intelligence Expertise™ in Business Development Programs ranging from Spaceborneto Terrestrial based Interoperability Programs to the US Government and Global Businesses that provide Energy  Resources, Agriculture and  Water  Sustainability; Venture  Capital  Investors and Insurance providers. Utilizing the market research database of over 500,000 current geospatial contacts globally subject matter expert-products are developed and provided ranging from Strategic Sales and Marketingoperational plans to the supporting tactical Strategic Sales and Marketing  Services needed to underpin and develop client success. In addition market research is provided which includes compilations of geospatial studies focused on: 

  • Machine   learning   and   remote   sensing   data   for   National   Labs and government,  commercial and data partner strategies and development forcompanies such as Descartes Labs.
  • Geospatial  commercial  imagery  assets  (spaceborne,  airborne,  UAV,  UAS, Drones,  Terrestrial  Sensors) –planned,  underdevelopment,  budgeted, launch method, sensor types, usage and market focus and delivery methods
  • Investment Sources
  • Political Impacts and Support
  • Economic Impacts
  • Societal Impacts
  • Technology Impact
  • Legal and Policy Impacts
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Customer Usage and Demographics
  • Governance and Standards Challenges and Opportunities
  • Cost and Business Model Options for Global Commercial Geospatial Imagery and Related Technologies

She has overseen and was the program manager of extensive academically focused geospatial marketing research contracts as the prime contractor to the National Oceanic and  Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Commercialization and to the US Geological  Survey (USGS) managing the largest international copyrighted market research database of  Commercial Ground-Based  Sensors, Aerial and Satellite Sensors as well as the sensor developers and manufacturers and Users by market.

She is responsible for the development, delivery and negotiations of grants to obtain product development and project funding from National  Labs,  as well as DOE,  NASA,  USDA,  and  NOAA. In addition, Dr.  Johnson developed a Geospatial Prime  Vendor Business Contract  Vehicle for product, project and services providers for sensor and data purchases  (using her global geospatial distributor network contacts) for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Services which serviced 32 companies and  16  Land  Grant Universitiessupporting  10  agencies within the  USDA  as well as  NASA, NGA, and other Intelligence Community Organizations. Most recently she provided a strategic operational plan for NASA  Earth  Science  Program Applied  Sciences –Water  Resources where over  6,000  water resource managers globally were interviewed to understand their specific needs in order for  NASA  to understand how to better support them through their science-based space missions. Dr.  Johnson has managed projects involving the distribution of imaging products from satellite operators and manufacturers in countries such as the  U.S.,  Canada,  France,  Israel,  Russia,  Italy,  India, and  Japan and worked with satellite data from multispectral,  panchromatic,  LiDAR,  radar,  and hyperspectral sensors. She has also managed marketing research which has provided information for their clients on over 1,000 imaging and environmental companies involved in providing products and services as prime contractors.

Dr. Johnson was recently awarded a certificate of completion for the Senior Managers in Government Program, 8/2019, John  F.  Kennedy  School of  Government at  Harvard  University, Executive Education and received her  Doctorate  Degree in  Management from Case  Western  Reserve  University's Weatherhead  School of  Management;  Cleveland,  Ohio in  1998 focused on  Economics and Technology Transfer and is currently certified by The GIS Certification Institute, Park Ridge, Illinois –as a Geographic Business Information Systems Professional (GISP), 2007, 2012.

Dr. Johnson provides and is a Global  Subject  Matter  Expert in the  Geospatial  Industry,  and advises the  Commercial as well as Intelligence  Community sectors.  She writes for Vector1  (Previously The Earth Imaging Journal’s) yearly global state of the industry forecast. In 2010, 2013 she provided expert testimony to the U.S. White House Science and  Technology  Policy  Committee and the  Pentagonconcerning the status of  U.S. commercial geospatial companies as global technology leaders and the impacts they would face with diminishing U.S. government service level agreement support.