Looking to study abroad?

Here are the deadlines by which you must apply for specific programs:

Short-Term/Faculty-Led Study Abroad

  • Winter Break: Last Day of Add/Drop Fall Semester
  • Spring Break/Spring (May Abroad): Last Day of Add/Drop Spring Semester
  • May Term and Summer I or II (CWRU): March 15

Long-Term Study Abroad (Semester/Year Abroad)

  • Fall or Academic Year: March 1*
  • Spring or Calendar Year: September 15*

*Note that deadlines may be earlier for some programs

Summer Study Abroad (at a CWRU Partner Institution)

  • Summer: March 15*

*Note that deadlines may be as early as February 1 for some programs

Research, Internships or Co-Ops

  • As part of a semester/year study abroad, deadlines follow that program type (see above)
  • International travel registration must be completed one month before your departure date.

Find out more about the study abroad process.

Petition Programs

  • Fall or Academic Year: February 1
  • Spring or Calendar Year: July 1

*Petitions are considered by the review committee on a case-by-case basis and rarely approved