Transferring Study Abroad Credit

Course Approval Process

To ensure timely graduation, students should meet with their advisor to decide upon an academic plan. This plan will help students make the most informed decision on the timing of their study abroad program.

After students apply through the Program Search Engine and their eligibility to study abroad has been confirmed, the Office of Education Abroad can help students find courses abroad. Students must, however, have every overseas course approved for transfer by the appropriate CWRU Academic Representative. See a list of Academic Representatives.

Academic Representatives will approve courses by signing the Course Approval Form in person or digitally. If courses are to be approved digitally, students must:

  1. Email the Course Approval Form as an attachment or a shared document to the Academic Representative along with the syllabus for the overseas course.
  2. Request that the Academic Representative sign the PDF via the "Fill & Sign" function.
  3. Upload the signed form to their study abroad application.

Forwarded emails will not be accepted as approvals. 

Students should complete this process before departure so there are no surprises when CWRU receives their transcript from the overseas institution. If students take a course abroad without securing prior approval, there is no guarantee that the course will transfer as wished—or at all.