Transferring Study Abroad Credit

Course Approval Process

To ensure you will stay on track for graduation, you should meet with your advisor to decide upon an academic plan. This plan will help you make the most informed decision on the timing of your study abroad program.

After you apply through the Program Search Engine and your eligibility to study abroad has been confirmed, the Office of Education Abroad can help you find courses at an overseas institution. You must, however, have your proposed courses approved by a relevant faculty member—this means if you are taking a course for your major, your major advisor will approve it; if you take a language course, a language professor will approve it, etc. See a list of department representatives.

You should complete this process before departure so there are no surprises when CWRU receives your transcript from the overseas institution. If you take a course abroad without securing prior approval, there is no guarantee that the course will transfer as you wish—or at all.

Course approvals can be secured by completing the Course Approval Form or via email. If you secure approvals via email, please ensure that two important elements are included in your email thread when you forward them to

  1. the course number (or name) of the overseas course
  2. the CWRU equivalent is visible: the course department and number.