Virtual Global & Intercultural Learning

A student wearing a CWRU shirt sits facing a computer in a classroom

Join hundreds of students around the world who have pivoted to virtual learning! Take courses abroad or gain world-class internship and research experience with any of our trusted international partners. Virtual options present an opportunity for students to engage in global and intercultural learning and reap many academic and career benefits!

Virtual Global and Intercultural Learning opportunities allow students to take courses in their field of study without leaving home, complete substantive internships with diverse professionals across the globe remotely, and complete research projects with experts from numerous fields and universities abroad. 


  • Add to transcript and include as a resume builder and interview conversation starter
  • Ability to transfer credits back to Case Western Reserve University
  • Gain international work or research experience while staying on track to graduate
  • Access to a curated list of quality programs appropriate for Case Western Reserve and the ability to apply to a program not on the list with the same application
Summer Academics
  • Participate in 0 - 9 credits of virtual global and intercultural learning via a global partner of CWRU
  • Register for EDAB in SIS (0 credit course)
  • Documentation of program completion required to pass EDAB
  • If seeking credit, use the Course Approval Form to transfer credits
  • Official transcript required to transfer credits
Summer Finances
  • Register for EDAB 3 in SIS, carries $50 registration fee (0 credit course)
  • Register for the virtual experience, paying directly to the global partner (curated list prices range from $0 - $2,500)
  • Pay any supplemental costs (books, technology fee, etc.), if applicable, directly
  • If getting credits, financial aid may be available