Plan for Internationalization

Following a strengthened global emphasis in the university’s broader strategic vision of 2008, Case Western Reserve University initiated a process in 2010 that resulted in the creation of its first international strategic plan and the Center for International Affairs.

Phase I

The creation of the plan for internationalization involved input from hundreds of faculty, staff, students, alumni, community members and others.

Phase I outlined the principles for internationalization, provided 12 recommendations for internationalization, and concentrated on the undergraduate experience.

Phase II

Case Western Reserve’s Faculty Senate approved Phase II of the internationalization plan in April 2015.

Phase II builds on Phase I’s significant accomplishments, including:

  • a 58 percent increase in undergraduate study abroad participation,
  • a 32 percent increase in international student matriculation and
  • a 100 percent increase in the percentage of first year undergraduate international students.

“Phase II has a concentrated focus on the international graduate student experience and an emphasis on supporting faculty internationalization efforts,” explains David Fleshler, vice provost for international affairs. “Phase II will help move the university toward its objectives of fully realizing its international potential.”

Download Phase II of the Plan for Internationalization