Adele Zawada

Where did you study abroad? How did you choose your programs? 
I studied abroad through the Global Engineering Education Exchange in Melbourne, Australia. I chose this program because Australia was on my bucket list for places I want to travel and the University of Melbourne is the best school in country.

How has studying abroad changed your global perspective? 
Studying abroad gives you a chance to meet people from around the world and realize how wrong certain stereotypes can be. I came to realize that it is possible to connect with almost anyone, no matter what country they come from.

What advice do you have for students who are considering study abroad? 
Take every opportunity to go out and explore your country. There will be lots of times when you just want to stay in your room or city and relax, but you will get a much better sense of the country and culture if you go out and explore. It's also a great way to make life-long travel friends!

What was one thing you did abroad that you couldn’t have done in Cleveland? 
The ocean was only a 15-minute tram ride away, so almost every week I was able to surf, swim and eat fish and chips at the beach, sometimes even between classes!

What was something funny that happened to you while studying abroad? 
Over Easter break I took a road trip to Sydney with three other friends. One night we were camping next to a beach, but we had a hard time falling asleep because kangaroos kept tripping over our tent wires!

How did classes you took abroad differ from courses offered on campus at CWRU? 
The biggest difference for the courses that I took at Melbourne was that I had to do a lot more self-teaching. Many of my classes only had one assignment and one midterm for the whole semester, which meant that I had to stay on top of my own learning. But it also left me with more time on weekends to travel and explore Australia.

What places are next on your bucket list? 
Iceland, New Zealand and Southeast Asia