Anti-Racism Efforts

The Center for International Affairs established an internal Anti-Racism Committee in the Fall of 2020 to explore the intersection between internationalization and racism and to help us educate ourselves about systemic racism.

We want to improve our understanding of the issues and challenges impacting people of color in the Case Western Reserve community and beyond. The Committee has created a resource list featuring relevant articles, books, podcasts, documentaries and films to help begin the education process and is facilitating a book club and discussion group for Center staff to further our personal and professional growth.

The Center also plans to explore how systematic racism impacts education abroad access and our international students as we work to be more inclusive and contribute to making Case Western Reserve a more welcoming, healthy, and anti-racist community.

The Center's Statement Against Racism

In 2020, following the death of George Floyd after nearly nine minutes with a Minneapolis police officer's knee on his neck, the Center for International Affairs released a statement to condemn all forms of racism and voice support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Center's Anti-Racism Committee was created to help put those words into action and continues to guide our efforts to increase support for BIPOC members of the campus community and promote social justice. 

Support for the APIDAA Community

The increasing frequency of violent attacks against Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi & Asian American people in the United States, including members of Case Western Reserve, cannot be tolerated. The Center has joined departments and offices across campus that came together in support of the Asian community and released a joint statement to denounce these racist incidents.

The Center participated in the university's celebration of Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi & Asian American Heritage Month by partnering to host a panel featuring personal experiences at Case Western Reserve and beyond.

University Communications & Resources

Case Western Reserve University has a website dedicated to providing communication, updates and resources related to race and justice, including mental health support services available to students through University Health and Counseling Services

Visit CWRU's Race and Justice Website