Global Citizen Awards

The awards honor outstanding students, campus partners and student organizations that enhance the international student experience and sense of community at CWRU.


  • Unsung Champion - This award is presented to a student who has been involved in a variety of activities but has not necessarily held formal leadership positions.  It honors a person who rarely receives recognition for their work "behind the scenes" to enhance the international student experience and sense of community on campus. The student's activities may or may not have been part of activities formally organized by the university. Many unsung champions take on tasks they see needing to be done without being asked; they serve fellow students in positive ways; they may be helpful to their college or department; they may serve specific communities within the university or the community-at-large.


  • Spirit of Service - This award honors a student who has served the campus community in volunteer capacities with vigor, devotion, and an unshakably positive attitude. This student has an inspirational and infectious optimism, nurtures an appreciation of diversity, and creates awareness of our responsibilities as global citizens through extraordinary volunteer service to the university.  Award recipients should have volunteered in at least 3 different capacities throughout the year, be it in one-time situations (e.g. an event) or throughout a semester or a year (e.g. CCEL Scholars).


  • Laurie D. Zelman International Undergraduate Student - This is presented to an international undergraduate student who helps to create an inclusive community, encourages understanding among people of different cultures, is involved in positive work on campus, and helps others achieve their potential. Zelman award winners may be students who create inclusive spaces within their clubs or organizations; they may be those who work with those around them to cross bridges of culture, language, and background; or they may be those who encourage members of underrepresented groups to become more involved on campus. Their work may focus on creating inclusive spaces themselves or on encouraging others to branch out into spaces where they can make a difference. This award is in honor of former International Student Services Director Laurie D. Zelman, who is remembered as an outstanding advocate who was dedicated to making life better for the students she served.


  • Elise Lindsay International Graduate Student - Awarded in memory of International Student Services Director Elise Lindsay, who is remembered for her particular love of the CWRU international students. She recognized their talent, understood their path was difficult, saw their courage, and believed that they could and would change the world for the better.  Presented to an international graduate student, the Lindsay award is given to a student who has exemplified these qualities of talent, perseverance, courage, and a desire to make the world a better place through inclusion, research, teaching, care for others, or betterment of the CWRU community. 


  • Outstanding Student Organization - This award is presented to a university-recognized student organization which has gone above and beyond a focus on their own membership to create a positive campus environment for all students. This may be through the creation of programs and events, working in partnership with others, or participation in work which promotes the values of diversity and global understanding. Winners in this category value cultural diversity and make it an integral part of what they do at Case Western Reserve University. Nominations should be based on work done/contributions made from January 2018 -December 2018.


  • Outstanding Campus Partner in Collaboration - Awarded to an office, center, department, or other entity on the Case Western Reserve University campus for excellence in collaboration with the Center for International Affairs.  Partnership may consist of collaboration on programming or events; co-organization of projects; collaborative staff training; and etc. Recipients of this award promote cross-campus partnership with the Center for International Affairs in ways that benefit the international student community and internationalization efforts throughout the year. Nominations should be based on work done/contributions made from January 2018 - December 2018. Student organizations are not eligible for this award.

Nominations & Eligibility 

The CWRU community including faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students are invited to nominate candidates for the awards. Completed nominations are due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

  • Students nominated for individual awards must be currently enrolled at CWRU to be considered.
  • For individual student awards, nominators may each submit up to 4 nominations, 1 per category. Self-nominations are accepted.
  • For organization awards, nominators may submit up to 2 nominations, 1 per category. Self-nominations are accepted.
  • Nominations should be based on the criteria laid out in each award’s description.
  • All nominations should be based on work done/contributions made during the 2018 calendar year, from January 2018 to December 2018.
  • All nominees will be contacted shortly after the submission deadline. 
  • Click here to access the nomination form.


Winners will be chosen by an anonymous committee and will be invited to attend the International Achievement Luncheon where they will be recognized and receive their award. 

Questions? Please contact Marielena Maggio in the Center for International Affairs at 216-368-2517 or