Academic English Program

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About the Academic English Proficiency (AEP) Program


The Academic English Proficiency (AEP) Certificate for International Graduate Students provides English language development for promising students who need to raise their scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or equivalent evaluation for full acceptance into a Case Western Reserve University graduate degree program.

The AEP Program is perfect for international graduate students with promising academic backgrounds but whose TOEFL scores are just below CWRU’s language proficiency requirements.

AEP courses will be taught by faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences on Case Western Reserve University’s main campus.

Placement and Testing:

In order to remain eligible for provisional acceptance* into a CWRU degree program, students must score between 75 and 89 on the TOEFL Internet-Based Test and enroll in the required AEP Program Module(s):

Admission Status TOEFL Internet-Based Test Score IELTS Academic English Proficiency Program Requirements
Eligible for full admission 90 7 None required
Provisional Admission to CWRU degree program* 84-89 6.5 Module Two (one semester)
Provisional Admission to CWRU degree program* 75-83 6 Modules One and Two
No Admission 74 or below 5.5 or below Not eligible for Academic English Proficiency Program

*Provisional Admission is an admission to an AEP participating degree program, subject to fulfillment of AEP module requirements and a TOEFL IBT score of at least 90 upon completion of Module 2.

Program Structure:

The AEP Certificate Program consists of two modules—intermediate and advanced—each worth nine academic credits. Students must successfully complete all courses and workshops to earn the certificate.

Module 1: Intermediate (9 credits)

  • Academic Writing and Grammar (3 credits)
  • Academic Reading and Critical Thinking (3 credits)
  • Speech Production I (3 credits)
  • Cultural Workshop (non-credit, required)

Module 2: Advanced (9 credits)

  • Advanced Academic Communication and Presentations (3 credits)
  • Academic Research and Writing (3 credits)
  • Speech Production II (3 credits)
  • Non-credit TOEFL Preparation Workshop (non-credit, required)

*Module 2 students must attain required proficiency on the TOEFL ITP and pass an oral proficiency evaluation for full admission to their graduate program.


All AEP Program instructors are faculty members of the CWRU College of Arts and Sciences. Classes are small and average 10 students or less, allowing students to receive personal attention from our outstanding faculty.