International Partnerships and Learning


Due September 25, 2017

In partnership with the Center for International Affairs

The iPals program partners current CWRU graduate students across cultures. By partnering domestic and international students, iPals aims to building cultural bridges, understanding and friendships, connect international students with American friends and culture, and connect domestic students with the world.

Participants’ languages and cultures reflect the diversity of CWRU’s campus. It’s an opportunity for all students to feel more connected.

Application Expectations

Current CWRU students meet with their “pal” during the fall kickoff event and it’s encouraged to meet up 5 times per semester for 1 year. Pals must be respectful of religious, political, sexual orientation and cultural differences and in good academic standing on campus.

Students are expected to commit to all program requirements in order to ensure the program's success. Students are both expected to reach out regularly to each other. Being an iPal is beneficial but requires work.

Additional Benefits:

  • Free/Discounted trips in Cleveland area
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Wellness Activities
  • Coordinated On-Campus Social events
  • Expanded networking opportunities