Anita Zaremba

Proposal Manager
Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems (ISSACS)

Anita is a key member and contributor on transdisciplinary faculty-led research teams in the Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems (ISSACS). Her liberal arts education combines with strong basic and clinical research backgrounds to help her manage the complexities of multi-disciplinary STEM-based research development. She is responsible for managing all aspects of proposal development from identifying funding sources, cultivating ideas, facilitating collaboration, writing persuasive proposal text, and facilitating timely submission.

Key Job Functions

•    Manages every aspect of proposal development for faculty-led research teams for ISSACS
•    Writes compelling proposal text for a wide array of proposals
•    Identifies solicitations and creates a solicitation calendar to identify potential Principal Investigators, Senior Personnel and other internal and external partners
•    Develops and maintains a proposal pipeline database, from potential opportunities to awards, and provides regular updates to support proposal development
•    Develops strategies to align core competencies with the future technology trends, and builds relations internally and externally to further this alignment