Vincenzo Liberatore, PhD, MS

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Information

Research Interests

Dr. Liberatore’s research interests include real-time network control of the smart power grid of alternative energy sources, actuator and wireless sensor networks. With the support of FirstEnergy, he developed the Energy Information Dashboard (EIDA) energy market simulations as an education tool on the path from electricity generation, consumptions and markets for the smart grid. His other research interests include distributed systems, Internet computing and randomized algorithms. Dr. Liberatore served on the program committees of the Workshop on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS) and the International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM). 


V. Liberatore and D. Saha. Robust Stability of Buffered Network Control. 2015 American Control Conference.

M.A. Bender, S.P. Fekete, A. Kroller, V. Liberatore, J. S. B. Mitchell, V. Polishchuk, and J. Suomela. The minimum backlog problem. Theoretical Computer Science, 605, November 2015, 51-61.

V. Liberatore. Energy Information Dashboard for Analytics. Presentation at OSU-PUCO Workshop on Smart Grid, 2012.

V. Liberatore and A. Al-Hammouri. Smart Grid Communication and Co-Simulation. IEEE EnergyTech, 2011.


Doctor of Philosophy
Computer Science
Rutgers University
Master of Science
Computer Science
Rutgers University
Bachelor of Science
Electrical Engineering
Sapienza Universita di Roma