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Campaigning at Case: Presidential Elections, 1892-2008
2004: The Race at Case

On October 5, 2004, CWRU hosted the Vice Presidential debate. About 1,500 media representatives covered the debate, which was seen by approximately 64 million TV viewers. More than 300 volunteers participated. Panel discussions, protests, parody, and parties were among the events surrounding the debate.

Race at Case image
Republican candidate Dick Cheney and Democratic candidate John Edwards with moderator Gwen Ifill.
CWRU played host to extensive media coverage of the debate.
Cheney, Edwards and Ifill
media coverage
Preparations for the debate began weeks ahead of
October 5.
Van Horn Field was used as a staging area for media trucks.
debate preparations media trucks
Additional images and a full program of the events held on campus are available at the Debate web site.

Ohio Popular Vote
National Popular Vote
Electoral Vote
George W. Bush (R) 2,859,768 (50.81%)
John F. Kerry (D) 2,741,167 (48.71%)
Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) 14,676 (.26%)
Michael A. Peroutka (Constitution) 11,939 (.21%)
George W. Bush (R) 62,040,610 (50.73%)
John F. Kerry (D) 59,028,444 (48.27%)
Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) 397,265 (.32%)
Michael A. Peroutka (Constitution) 143,630 (.12%)
George W. Bush (R) 286
John F. Kerry (D) 251

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, October 2008.