Faculty Testimonials

"The only thing constant in the Anti-Money Laundering environment is change. A solid educational foundation from a program like MAFI at Case Western Reserve University will help you to stay ahead of and in many cases drive the change instead of just reacting to it."

Phil DeLuca, Senior Vice President and Director of Compliance Controls, U.S. Bank

"Attending the program will give graduates a broad, but deep understanding of the issues facing compliance professionals in the fight to combat financial crime and terrorism. So often professionals in their current jobs see only a small piece of the regulatory framework and a small piece of risk facing financial institutions. The program will give them a career’s worth of exposure to the complexities facing a senior compliance officer in the financial services industry."

Alma Angotti, Partner and Co-Head of the Global Investigations & Compliance practice, Guidehouse


"More than ever, completion of an advanced degree in AML compliance is viewed as an important asset for compliance professionals. The MAFI program is unique not only in terms of its content, but in the quality of the instructors who help teach the sessions. Simply put, there is no other degree program that compares to it."

Dan Stipano, Partner, Buckley Sandler, LLP, former deputy chief counsel, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency"


"Multidisciplinary collaboration is crucial to effective AML/CFT programs in both the government and the regulated industry. The MAFI program provides students with a unique opportunity to explore issues in criminal and administrative law, technology, financial services, government, risk management, and international affairs. The syllabi are academically rigorous, but also extremely practical for anyone interested in gaining the perspective required to manage teams in this fascinating, fast moving, and increasingly complex discipline."

Jody Myers, Chief Risk Officer, Western Union