Case Abroad at Home

three law students in class, with rows of law students in background

Introduced in August 2005, the Case Abroad at Home program comprises a series of one-credit mini-courses taught by international experts from universities around the world. The courses augment our regular international law curriculum. We have welcomed dozens of professors from 17 countries and six continents.

Previous Courses


  • Jonathan Clough, Monash Law School, Australia (Cybercrime)
  • Andrew Tettenborn, University of Exeter, United Kingdom (Comparative Commercial Remedies)
  • Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens, University of Toronto, Canada (Comparative Human Rights Law)


  • Kimberlee Weatherall, Associate Director, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia, University of Melbourne (International Trade and Intellectual Property)
  • Ljiljana Biukovic, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (External Relations of the European Union)
  • Olivier Cachard, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management, University of Nancy, France (Electronic Commerce from a European Perspective)


  • Judge Inés Mónica Weinberg de Roca, Argentina (Atrocity Law)
  • Christopher Rassi, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Atrocity Law);
  • Judge Lex Mooy, Dutch Criminal Court, The Netherlands (Criminal Aspects of the European Court of Human Rights)
  • Tina Piper, McGill University Center for Intellectual Property Policy, Quebec (Open Science Norms: Implications for IP Law)


  • Noam Lubell, National University of Ireland (The International Laws of Armed Conflict)
  • Chidi Oguamanam, Dalhousie Law School, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Knowledge, and Intellectual Property Rights)
  • Brownwyn Naylor, Monash University, Australia (Crime and Gender)
  • Marco Ricolfi, University of Torino School of Law, Italy (European Trademark Law and Geographic Indications)


  • Tom Zwart, University of Utrecht School of Law, The Netherlands (Comparative Constitutional Law)
  • Mira Sundara Rajan, University of British Columbia School of Law, Canada (Cultural Aspects of Intellectual Property)
  • Lingyun Gao, Fudan University School of Law, China (Contemporary Issues in International and Comparative Law: Doing Business in China)


  • Peter Mezei, University of Szeged, Hungary (Comparative Digital Copyright)
  • Valerie Oosterveld, University of Western Ontario, Canada (Gender and International Criminal Law)
  • Xia Fei, East China University of Politics and Law, China (Chinese Criminal Law)


  • Thomas Telfer, University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law, London, Ontario, Canada (Comparative Bankruptcy Law)
  • Christopher M. Rassi, Esq., Legal Adviser, Office of the Prosecutor, Special Tribunal for Lebanon (Trying International Crimes: the Legal and Political Challenges of Bringing Justice to the
  • Victims of Genocide, Crimes against Humanity, and Terrorism)
  • Dr. Huang Wushuang, Associate Dean, Intellectual Property School, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, China (Intellectual Property Law in China)


  • Shi Daxiao, Fudan University School of Law, China (An Introduction to the Chinese Legal System)
  • Li Guo, Peking University Law School, China (Chinese Business Law and Financial Markets)
  • Lecturer, Brianne McGonigle Leyh, PhD, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (Contemporary Developments in International Human Rights Law)
  • Giulio Zanetti, Director, Strategic Networks Department, International Development Law Organization (IDLO), Rome Italy (European Trademark Law and Traditional Knowledge)


  • Joshua Castallino, Middlesex University Law School, UK (Human Rights and Comparative Constitutional Law)
  • Xavia Seuba, Strasbourg University, France (Intellectual Property and Human Rights)
  • Liao Zhigang, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China (Chinese Intellectual Property Law)
  • Jun Zhao, Guanghua Law School, Zhejiang University, China (China Trade and Development Law)


  • Wang Heng, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China (Chinese Corporate Law)
  • Laurent Manderieux, Bocconi, Italy (Intellectual Property & Medical Access)
  • Arnaud Raynouard, Univ. Paris – Dauphine (EU Financial Regulation)


  • Bryan Mercurio, Chinese University of Hong Kong, (International Trade Law, Investment and Health)
  • Christophe Geiger, University of Strassbourg (Intellectual Property & Human Rights)


  • Qin Jie, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China (International Trademark Law)


  • Professor Márcia Nina Bernardes, from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Comparative Race and Gender Law)