faculty and staff consulting out the Milton A. Kramer Law Clinic Center

In our labs, you work on discrete legal issues presented to faculty by courts and practitioners who seek assistance on current cases. Our students research and discuss the issues presented and prepare memoranda or briefs for the referring lawyers, judges or organizations to use. Examples include:

Death Penalty Lab

Our students have the opportunity to work directly on capital cases at all stages of litigation from trial through clemency. Their work has even included four U.S. Supreme Court cases.

First Amendment and the Arts Lab

Backed by a $112,000 grant from the Stanton Foundation, this lab studies the evolution between free speech and intellectual property. Student projects include advising an art museum on copyright and fair use of its artwork and advocating for music performance venues in Chicago that faced closure.

Homeland Security Lab

You will have the chance to work for the U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, and the Department of Defense Office of Guantanamo Bay Military Commissions – opportunities that no other law school offers.

Public Health Law Lab

You have the opportunity to research legal issues for a variety of State/Local Health Departments and the Network for Public Health Law, giving you real-world experience in this expanding legal field. Research topics include environmental health regulations, emergency preparedness, cross-border public health, food safety, health information data sharing, injury prevention, maternal/child health, public health statutes and regulations, vaccination requirements, obesity prevention and tobacco control.

Reproductive Rights Lab

Working individually and in small groups, our students complete legal research projects on the latest issues facing reproductive rights law both nationally and in Ohio. Students draft research memos, assess current practices for future legal filings and analyze legislation.

International Law Research Lab

This lab is the only one in the world that provides research assistance to all of the world’s international criminal tribunals. You research and write memoranda for INTERPOL, the International Criminal Court, the Cambodia Genocide Tribunal, the Yugoslavia Tribunal, the Rwanda Tribunal, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and several national war crimes and piracy courts across the globe. Student work has even been used in the Charles Taylor trial.