Seventh Annual Global Conference of the Younger Comparativists Committee

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Case Western Reserve University School of Law will host the Seventh Annual Global Conference of the Younger Comparativists Committee (YCC) of the American Society of Comparative Law. On April 20-21, 2018, young scholars from around the world will discuss the latest legal research in comparative law. Abstracts on any subject of comparative law should be sent via email by December 31, 2017. In addition, a plenary session will examine issues of comparative international law, that is, how different nation-states apply and avoid applying international law. Additional inquiries can be direct to Professor Tim Webster.

Friday April 20th, 2018
12:30 pm
Registration & Boxed Lunches, 1st Floor of Law School
1:00 pm
Professor Tim Webster, Case Western Reserve University
Professor Joshua Karton, Queens University
1:30 pm
Session 1
Panel 1A. Disruption & Domestication: Comparative Law of Arbitration (Room A59)
Moderator: Tatiana Machado
Kathleen Claussen, University of Miami, “Transjurisdictional Ethics”
Joshua Karton, Queens University, “The Persistence of Culture? ‘Chinese-Style’ Commercial Arbitration in a World of Globalized Legal Practie”
Alyssa King, Yale University, “Arbitration and the Federal Balance”
Panel 1B. Privacy and Intimacy (Room A64)
Moderator: Valentina Rita Scotti
Marianna Iliadou, Durham University, “Surrogacy Regimes: A Comparative Study”
Mindy Nunez Duffourc, Passau University, “Filling Voice Promotion Gaps in Health Care Through a Comparative Analysis of Error Reporting in the United States and Germany”
Giulia Formici, University of Milan, “Privacy Protection and the Use of PNR Data as a Law Enforcement: The Possible Consequences of ECJ Jurisprudence on Different National Approaches”
Panel 1C. Comparative Constitutional Law (Room A66)
Moderator: Stefano Trancossi
Michael Da Silva, University of British Columbia, “Transnational Constitutional Law”
Smaran Shetty, Columbia University, “Bowers, Koushal and Lim: Comparative Choices”
Simone Pitto, University of Genoa, “The Right to Food: An Invisible Right in Modern Constitutionalism”
3:15 pm
Session 2
Panel 2A. Domestic Reception of International Human Rights (Room A59)
Moderator: Tim Webster
Ayako Hatano, University of Tokyo, “Socialization of International Human Rights Law – Racial Discrimination in Japan
Neliana Rodean, University of Verona, “The Conundrum of Popular Will with the Paradox of Unconstitutional Amendment Processes”
Ethan Shin, Yonsei University, “Balancing a State’s Dignity with Human Dignity, Evolving International Standards on the Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly”
Panel 2B. Constitutional Change: Actors (Room A64)
Moderator: Juliano Benvindo
Jurgen Goossens, Ghent University & Erasmus University, “Popular Constitution-Making: Constitutional Design of Secondary Constituent Powers”
Vicente Benitez, New York University & Sabana University, “We the People, They the Media: Judicial Review of Constitutional Amendments and Public Opinion in Colombia”
Mariana Velasco, Yale University, “Beyond the Theory of Judicial Review in Democracies: Understanding Constitutional Change in Mexico”
Eva van Vugt, Tilburg University, ”Constitutional Change Resulting from Interpretation: A Hermeneutical Perspective”
Panel 2C. Transnational Challenges to Financial Law (Room A66)
Moderator: Kish Parella
Mustafa Akgun, Durham University, “A Comparative Law Definition for Bank Secrecy”
Kristen Barnes, University of Akron, “Housing and Mortgage Law Reform in Spain”
Richard Kilpatrick, Northeastern Illinois University, “Privity and Subcontracting in Multimodal Transport: A Comparison of U.S. and Commonwealth Approaches”
Frederique Youmbi, Tecnológico de Monterrey, “The Legal Approach of Sovereign Wealth Funds in International Investment Law in Europe and North America”
Panel 2D. Cultural Rights, Property Rights and Pluralism (Room A62)
Moderator: Wannes Vandenbussche
Sara Ross, York University, “Stolen Stories: The Repatriation of Cultural Property, Comparative Notions and Indigenous Communities”
Hu Xiaoqian, Harvard University, “‘House Fight’ Legal Pluralism, Negotiating Property Rights and Wrongs in China’s Urbanization”
Ioanna Tourkochoriti, National University of Ireland (Galway), “Headscarves in the Workplace: What Can the European Court of Justice Learn from the United States?”
5:00 - 7:00 pm
Reception & Announcement of Awards
Dean Michael Scharf, Case Western Reserve University

Saturday April 21th, 2018
9:00 am
9:15 am
Presentation by Eder Prize Winner, Mr. Alec Duncan (Victoria University of Wellington) (Room A59)
10:00 am
Session 3
Panel 3A. Law and Violence (Room A59)
Moderator: Sara Ross
Valentina Rita Scotti, Koç University, “Protecting Women from Violence in Europe: Effects of the Istanbul Convention
Irene Spigno, Inter-American Academy of Human Rights, “The Role of the Interamerican Court of Human Rights in Protecting Women against Endemic Violence
Elizabeth Topolosky, International Criminal Court, “The Horror in Our Heads: The Admissibility of Cultural Trauma Expert Testimony in US Courts”
Panel 3B. Comparative Corporate Governance (Room A64)
Moderator: Joshua Karton
Alan Koh, National Singapore University, “Shareholder Protection in Close Corporations: The Curious Case of Japan”
Liwen Lin, University of British Columbia, “Revisiting Executive Pay of China’s SOEs: Formal Design and Fresh Data”
Veronica Montani, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, “Italian Reform on Non-Profit Organizations”
Wang Chao, Chinese University of Hong Kong, “The Chinese Substantial Shareholding Disclosure Rule: Comparative and Empirical Perspectives”
Panel 3C. Privacy & Security (Room A66)
Moderator: Frederique Youmbi
Caroline Gloeckle, Passau University, “National Security Exceptions in WTO Law and BITs: A Comparative Analysis”
Chiara Graziani, University of Genoa, “Privacy v. National Security: The Contemporary Age’s Foucault’ Pendulum between Europe and the U.S.”
Visakha Phusamruat, U.C. Berkeley, “A Comparative U.S.-Singapore Personal Data Protection: Trust and Cooperation Perspectives”
Panel 3D. Developments in Comparative Law in Latin America (Room A62)
Moderator: Fernando Acunha
Samira Allioui, University of Strasbourg, “The Right of Access to Justice before the European Court of Human Rights and the Interamerican Court of Human Rights”
Rosa Rojas, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, “Insolvency Proceedings for Natural Persons: Why is Latin America Innovating?”
11:30 am
12:30 pm
Session 4
Panel 4A. Challenges to Europe (Room A59)
Moderator: Mindy Nunez Duffourc
Antonia Baraggia, University of Milan, “Bringing Human Dignity back to Light in Time of Austerity: A Constitutional Challenge”
Alessia Tranfo, University of Genoa, “Different European Approaches to Prevent Irregular Immigration”
Stefano Trancossi, Milan University, “Can Electoral Norms Save Us from Meddling in Our Elections”
Panel 4B. Legitimacy in the International Legal Order (Room A64)
Moderator: Marianna Iliadou
Daan Bijnens, University of Hasselt, “The Vertical Exchange of Constitutional Competences in a Supranational Context”
Ylli Dautaj, Penn State University, “Dissenting Opinions in Investment Treaty Arbitration”
Kish Parella, Washington & Lee University, “Law as Ecosytem: Corporations and International Law”
Yi Seo-hee, Korea University, “An Analysis of the Mandate Regime and Colonialism in International Law”
Panel 4C. The United States as Public Law Comparator (Room A66)
Moderator: Hu Xiaoqian
Najla Alhekail, University of Kansas, “The Balance between Judicial Independence & Accountability in Saudi Arabia and the US”
Julian Murphy, Columbia University, “The Strict Construction of Penal Statutes and Its Identical Twin, The Rule of Lenity: Origins and Evolution in Australia and the United States”
Radhi Reem, Durham University, “Deferred Prosecution Agreements: Reform to Reduce Corporate Crime and Create Norm Compliant Behavior”
Jun Shimizu, Sojo University, A Japanese Version of U.S. v. Jones?: The Supreme Court Decisions on GPS Installation on a Vehicle in the U.S. and Japan”
Panel 4D. Armed Conflict (Room A62)
Moderator: Liwen Lin
Brian Cox, Queens University, “Intent, War Crimes and the Law of Armed Conflict: A Comparison of Two Civilian Casualty Incidents in Kunduz, Afghanistan”
Liu Yang, UCLA, “The Law against the Use of Force: The Chinese Approach and Methodological Reflections”
2:00 pm
Session 5
Panel 5A. Constitutional Change: Social Forces (Room A59)
Moderator: Jurgen Goossens
Juliano Benvindo & Fernando Acunha, University of Brasília, “Liberal Constitutionalism and Populism in Latin America: A Need for a New Approach?”
Sascha Hardt, Maastricht University, “Protecting Constitutional Democracy in a Populist Age”
Duncan Okubasu, Utrecht University, “Challenging the Dominant Theoretical Basis for Authoritarian Constitution Making: What Others Can Learn from Africa”
Panel 5B. Remedies (Room A64)
Moderator: Alan Koh
Frank Sion Giaoui, Columbia University, “Valuation of Damages as a Remedy for Contract Breach: A Comparative Law Analysis of American Common Law, French Civil Law and International Commercial Law”
Tatiana Machado, Rio de Janeiro State University, “Challenges in the Pathway to Harmonization of Patent Damages: Key Issues in a Comparative Approach”
Wannes Vandenbussche, Yale University, “Rethinking Non-Pecuniary Remedies for Defamation”
Panel 5C. Administrative Law in Comparative Perspective (Room A66)
Moderator: Julian Murphy
Dennis Fransen, University of Hasselt, “A Legal Code on General Administrative Law for Belgium? General Administrative Law Codes in Comparative Perspective”
Li Zhiyu, New York University, “In the Service of Power: The Judicial Role in the Chinese Administrative State”
Oren Tamir, Harvard University, “Presidents and Prime Ministers: The Politics, Law and Administration Chief Executives Make”
Panel 5D. Transplantation, Comparative Law and Theory (Room A62)
Moderator: Michael Da Silva
Manon Cayrou, UCLA, “Corporate Criminal Liability: A Transatlantic Approach to the Corporate Negotiated Sovereign”
Stefanus Hendrianto, Boston College, “The Last Testament of Justice Scalia on Comparative Law”
Aikaterini Tsampi, University of Groningen, “The Impossible Comparatist: The European Court of Human Rights & Separation of Powers”
3:30 pm
3:45 pm
Concluding Remarks
Professor Tim Webster, Case Western Reserve University