Reserve a Seat at the law school

Our goal is to ensure your health and safety while providing a productive space for your study and research. With the implementation of social distancing throughout the building, our seating capacity is significantly reduced. We have, however, opened many of our classrooms and student organization offices as additional study spaces. A new system is being implemented to allow you to reserve a seat in advance or onsite. Some of these are earmarked only for studying. Some are available for remote classes (with headphones), and a few specific offices are available for eating (eating is permitted only when alone in a closed office with the door closed).  In addition to these reservable spaces, many spaces in the building will remain first-come-first-served.

QR code for seat reservations

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your preferred seat by floor and type of seat below.
  2. After reserving your seat, you will receive an email confirmation along with a reservation "check-in code." Once at the reserved seat, finish your reservation process by checking-in (via your email confirmation or with the QR code at the seat). The system gives you a 20-minute window to check-in at your seat. If you don't check-in within the 20 minutes, your reservation will be cancelled and someone else can reserve your seat.
  3. Don't forget to check out when you're done, and wipe down your space, so someone else can reserve the seat.

Make a reservation by space


Ground Floor

Room A67 (2 Seats)

Room A68 (5 Seats)

Eating Spaces (4 Rooms)

Richey Reading Room (8 Seats)


1st Floor

Library First Floor Study Spaces (34 Seats)

Blackacre (26 Seats)

Room 152 (3 Seats)

Room 162 (4 Seats)

Room 163 (6 Seats)

Room 164 (11 Seats)

Room 165 (2 Seats)

Room 166 (6 Seats)


3rd Floor

Library 3rd Floor Seating (32 Seats)

Library Carrols (27 Seats)

Library Computer Lab (7 Seats)

Room 321 (10 Seats)

Library Study Rooms (8 Rooms)