CWRU Law Faculty were quoted in 726 news stories in the past year

Case Western Reserve University School of Law Professor Ayesha Bell Hardway

From the New York Times to the Washington Post, from NPR to Fox News, the Case Western Reserve University School of Law faculty have been among the most cited legal experts in the nation. In the last year, they appeared in over 700 separate news stories, some published in hundreds of different newspapers around the country and world. Their expert opinions appeared in stories ranging from the Mueller report to the opioid crisis, from abortion to Obamacare, from immigration to gerrymandering. We've created a website for you to read, listen, and view our faculty's media appearances, sorted by date and searchable by subject. We are also the only law school with a talk radio program, and we produce the popular "Faculty View at CWRU" mini podcast series on cutting edge legal issues in the news.