CWRU Law scores highest in 2017 Ohio bar pass rate, among best in New York

CWRU Law graduates before entering the Maltz Performing Arts Center

With the 2017 July bar exam results in, Case Western Reserve University School of Law has earned the top spot for the bar pass rate in Ohio.

Of the 61 first-time CWRU Ohio bar exam takers, 57 CWRU grads passed. At a pass rate of 93 percent, CWRU is a full six percentage points ahead of the second highest law school in the state, a milestone achievement for the school's revamped curriculum.

“Three years ago, we implemented several new bar pass initiatives as part of our new curriculum to better train our students for the first important step in their legal careers,” said Co-Deans Michael Scharf and Jessica Berg. “The 2017 graduating class was the first to complete all three years of the new curriculum, and what we are seeing with these new pass rates reflects the hard work of our students and validates the efforts of our faculty to make this law school a top destination for students in Ohio and throughout the nation.”

In addition to the high pass rate in Ohio, CWRU first time takers excelled in the New York Bar Exam, with 22 of 25 of our 2017 grads passing for an 88 percent pass rate.

Case Western Reserve's recent Bar pass success was featured in an article in the Winter 2018 issue of National Jurist magazine, "What Does It Take to Pass the Nasty Bar."

UPDATE: While most of our grads take the July Bar exam, we are pleased to report that CWRU had the top overall pass rate of any law school in the State on the February 2018 Ohio Bar exam (7 of 11 passed); we came in third place for first time takers (5 of 7 passed).