First-year law students inspired by electives experience

Case Western Reserve Law School student Kristin Lyons

First-year law students are now taking electives during their first year of law school. The program began in spring 2019 as a way to engage students in specialty areas before they get further into their academic careers.

Each 1L student takes two, one-credit, electives in the spring semester. The options for 2019 were

  • Artifact Law
  • Bioethics and Law
  • Civil Litigation Practicum
  • Criminal Law Practice: Contemporary Issues
  • Courts, Public Policy, and Social Change
  • International Law: Fundamentals
  • Legal Analysis and Problem-Solving
  • Professionalism: Competencies of a Successful Lawyer

The response from students has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what some of our students are saying about the experience.

Case Western Reserve Law School student Kristin Lyons

"I chose artifact law because it was unique. I really enjoyed it because we got to learn about abandoned shipwrecks and who had ownership rights to them."

Kristin Lyons

Case Western Reserve Law School student Alexandria McKenna

"I really enjoyed taking bioethics with Dean Berg; she is wonderful and super engaging and it was great to get to learn something outside of our standard curriculum."

Alexandria McKenna  

Case Western Reserve Law School student George Kamanda

"Some of the other qualities of professionalism include civility, good judgment, honor and commitment. Overall, the point of the professional ethics class is to instill in you that professional perspective to offer you a good start as a lawyer."

George Kamanda

Case Western Reserve Law School student Lindsey Leonard

“We talked about all of the famous cases that everyone’s heard of since elementary school, like Brown v. Board of Education and everything that led up to that. Professor Entin really knows his stuff and he has an incredibly fascinating amount of background information that you’re not going to get from the cases.”

Lindsey Leonard, about her courts, public policy and social change course