A million and counting

A CWRU Law student in the library

On April 20, 2018, the law school’s institutional repository, Scholarly Commons passed a significant milestone – over one million total downloads.

Scholarly Commons is the digital cornerstone for highlighting and disseminating the work of our law faculty, student journal editors and law school publications to a worldwide audience. It is maintained by the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library.

The increased reach of our faculty’s publications, recently ranked 25th in the nation for scholarly impact, is reflective in over 275,000 downloads since 2014, including nearly 110,000 downloads during the past year. In 2016, librarians completed adding all available articles from the five student-edited journals to Scholarly Commons, including Notes by students who are now alumni.

As of June 1, users downloaded the 7,188 student journal articles 748,531 times (441,474 within the past year). Future student-edited journal articles will be added as they become available to the library. Since 2015, over 29,000 institutions from 224 countries have accessed our student journal articles.

Since 2014, over 13,800 institutions from 219 countries have accessed our law faculty publications. Four of the top 10 institutions accessing faculty publications include CWRU, Harvard, NYU and Yale. Due to copyright restrictions, some faculty publications may not be available full-text, despite the library’s efforts to obtain permission.

The Most Popular Download

Perhaps not surprisingly, the top paper downloaded overall, 18,805 as of June 1, 2018, is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s 2016 Sumner Canary Memorial Lecture: Of Lions and Bears, Judges and Legislators, and the Legacy of Justice Scalia. Law faculty have written five of the top 10 most-downloaded articles – each with at least 4,187 downloads.

  • Dean Michael Scharf, How the War against ISIS Changed International Law
  • Dean Michael Scharf, Accelerating Formation of Customary International Law
  • Cassandra Robertson, Regulating Electronic Legal Support across State and National Boundaries
  • Jessie Hill, The Constitutional Right to Make Medical Treatment Decisions: A Tale of Two Doctrines
  • Paul C. Giannelli, Daubert Challenges to Fingerprints

Law and sociology professor Brian Gran has also significantly contributed to the number of downloads through his editing of the cross disciplinary digital journal – Societies Without Borders, a collection of 216 papers and five podcasts with over 48,500 downloads so far.

Top institutions downloading our student journals

Harvard University
New York University
Yale University
West Publishing
Case Western Reserve University